Health Scanning Day Program.

For the first time collaborating, Push Climbing x Crescent Wall x UPFIT brings to customers of both sides a completely free Health Scanning Day program.

🌟 Inbody & blood pressure measurement: Measuring weight, muscle mass, fat, etc., in the body; Used as a reference point to propose nutrition and exercise regimes.

🌟 Posture analysis: Analyzing coordinated movements to help trainers quickly assess physical fitness and mobility, thereby suggesting appropriate exercises.

🌟 Deep consultation with Upfit master coach.

🌟 On March 30th, UPFIT successfully organized the Health Scanning Day at Crescent Wall. With a team of professional coaches, UPFIT conducted comprehensive body composition assessments (In-body measurements), and blood pressure checks, analyzed posture, and provided consultations for many climbers.
🌟 UPFIT would like to express our gratitude to Crescent Wall x Push Climbing for providing the opportunity for the Health Scanning Day event to run smoothly and conveniently. We hope that this event provided everyone with the necessary information and knowledge to take care of their own health and their families health in the best way possible.

Let’s continue to journey with UPFIT towards a healthier and happier community!