UPFIT, a provider of health and fitness solutions catering to individuals and businesses, collaborates with VNG Corporation to cultivate a robust sports culture in the workplace. UPFIT’s partnership with VNG has yielded significant success, enticing a substantial number of employees to engage in regular and impactful physical activities.

Embracing the belief that exercise not only addresses health concerns but also enriches life quality, the UPFIT team endeavors to reshape employees’ perspectives within the corporate landscape. They aim to shift the focus from merely “working for a paycheck” to “working for joy, health, and overall well-being.”

The benefits of regular exercise extend far beyond physical health, encompassing stress reduction, enhanced cognitive function, and improved sleep quality. This, in turn, equips employees with heightened vitality and mental acuity, fostering greater creativity and productivity at work. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that improper exercise techniques, unsuitable routines, or excessive intensity levels can lead to physical injuries and impact mental health negatively.

UPFIT prides itself on leveraging cutting-edge science and technology to introduce innovative fitness solutions. Trainees undergo comprehensive assessments, including energy expenditure measurement, resting metabolic rate (RMR) analysis, posture evaluation, and comprehensive body composition assessments using state-of-the-art equipment like Inbody. Based on these findings, UPFIT’s trainers tailor personalized training and nutrition plans, aiming not only for short-term health improvements but also for instilling sustainable lifestyle habits.

Benefiting from strong partnerships with leading entities such as VNG, FV Hospital, Abbot, Push Climbing, among others, employees can readily adopt a habit of regular exercise, enhance their well-being, and enrich their lives with UPFIT’s offerings, all without financial concerns.