Sufferfest 2

Back from the dead

Sufferfest roared back to life after a pandemic hiatus last weekend, April 6-7, 2024. Athletes from across Vietnam descended upon the stunning Dalat Edensee Resort, a place where nature reigns supreme with peacocks, deer, and squirrels roaming freely.

Sunny skies and warm weather provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable weekend of pushing limits and celebrating the athletic community.

With the epic weekend now a memory, it’s time to relive the highlights and see why you definitely missed out if you weren’t there. Buckle up, Push Climbing fam, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride through Sufferfest 2!

Sufferfest: The Push Climbing Team Goes All In!

The Sufferfest wasn’t just about the competition – it was a full week of dedication! for the Push Climbing team. While other athletes were making their travel plans, our crew arrived a week early. Instead of lounging by the lake, the Push Climbing team jumped right into the action.

Forget comfy chairs and computers – it was all hands on deck!

Bozo Venture’s rig designs provided a clear vision, and the Push Climbing team spent the week constructing the Podium, the Start, and Finish lines for the festival. We assembled structures, decorated areas, and hung banners – all with the fresh mountain air and good company, keeping our spirits high.

Before we knew it, rehearsal day arrived. Here’s where things got real!

The true star was Russel Johnson, the founder of Sufferfest. He personally tested every challenge to ensure everything was perfect and ran smoothly.

Finally, Friday rolled around, and the first wave of participants arrived. We were thrilled to see familiar faces from the Push Climbing community; the Push peeps joining the races.

Athletes wandered around, mouths agape at the intimidating yet thrilling challenges awaiting them. We even captured some of their pre-race thoughts and expectations on video.

Saturday: Begin the Suffer – Races begins.

This was the big day! The Hybrid Games followed the SwimRun race. You could almost feel the collective gasp as participants, still reeling from the swim challenge, arrived at the obstacle course.

No rest for the weary – the test of endurance continued immediately!

Each athlete showcased incredible creativity, strength, and unwavering determination as they navigated the obstacles. They found their own unique strategies, pushing themselves to the limit. The vast majority of participants successfully completed the course, earning the coveted chance to win the title of: “Ultimate Sufferer”

Matt Heller took the festival’s name, “Back from the Dead,” a little too literally.

After battling hypothermia and heatstroke, this determined cross-fit coach persevered to not only finish the race but also claim the top spot at the Hybrid Games Throwdown!

Sunday: Time to test the youngest athletes!

Motivated cheers filled the air as the races began, with ages ranging from 3 years old to a spirited 14 years of age. A heartwarming sight unfolded as families joined forces, parents running, swimming, and tackling the obstacle course alongside their children. Words of encouragement, motivation, and pure pride echoed throughout the event. These young athletes, with their infectious enthusiasm, proved themselves to be the future generation of Vietnamese champions, ready to embrace any challenge!

Crossing the Finish Line

The finish line at Sufferfest 2 displayed a powerful message: “Embrace the relief.” And everyone who participated can assure you, it felt exactly that way.

From the Multi-Terrain and SwimRun athletes who traversed breathtaking forests and lakes, to the Hybrid Games champions who displayed phenomenal endurance and strength, everyone pushed their limits and reveled in the satisfaction of accomplishment. As Russel Johnson aptly stated in his speech

“Sufferfest will never be just CrossFit; it will always be everything you need to push yourself to the next level.”

A Celebration of Growth and the Future

Sufferfest 2 was an extraordinary weekend overflowing with passion for all forms of sport. It was a celebration of human growth, determination and will power.

Don’t fret if you missed this year’s event. While undeniably a unique experience, it won’t be the last. Russel Johnson has promised to raise the bar even higher with Sufferfest 3 next year. As always, he’s determined to push his own boundaries and deliver something truly special.

A Final Thank You

The Push Climbing family extends its deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this event. From the incredible organizers to the participants – without whom this wouldn’t have been possible – we applaud your success and eagerly anticipate seeing you again next year!

Here is the event highlight video, or you can find full album of the event day and more information on the Sufferfest website and social media channels.