About us

Push Climbing was founded in 2010, specializing in the construction, operations, management and supply of all adventure sport activities.

We operate in Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

We have the best Team

All of our instructors are skilled climbers and spealists who have been trained according to first aid, lifeguard and irata 1 certifications to maintain a safe environment.

We believe in people, not in paperwork. Skills can be learned, but we can’t teach are: honesty, responsibility, curiosity and adventure spirit. These are qualities that we are looking for. If you think that this is you, check out our available positions.


  • Hourly Rate after Training 40.000 VND
  • Internal Freelance Agreement
  • No fixed hours

Part Time

  • Hourly Rate after Training 50.000 VND
  • Internal Freelance Agreement
  • Minimum 64 hours – maximum 120 hours per month

Full Time

  • Hourly Rate after Training 60.000 VND
  • Minimum 160 hours per month
  • Government Contract
  • Salary based
  • Income Tax & Social Security Insurance

We have the best instructors


Apply today to become Rock Climbing Trainee.


Require experience in customer service or sales.


Require climbing experience and basic use of construction tools.

No Climbing Experience? THAT’S OK

If you love active lifestyle and ready to learn, enroll in Push Training Program. By the end of the 3 months you will learn:

  • Climbing Introduction Course
  • Climbing Skills up to Top Rope Belay
  • Rescue and safety on the wall
  • Team Building Activities and Games
  • Get fit and meet new friends!


When you are part of Push Climbing Family, you will receive the following benefits:

certifications and workshops
Climbing Wall Association membership
Free Climbing with gear included
bring a friend along with you to climb at Push for free
Will have 12 days paid vacation a year
athlete sponsorhip program