Learn the fundamentals of rock climbing in 2 hours!

Special course for beginners!

Starting on May 2024


Our weekly group class was created specially for those who would like to explore new sport along with qualified instructor!

No prior experience needed! Age 06 and above.

Available in two languages: English or Vietnamese.


3 hours climbing pass in any location where the course is performed

Climbing Shoes, Harness, chalk and any necessary equipment for the course will be provided to you.

2 hours under the guidance with the qualified instructor.

After successful completion of the test you will receive certificate of achievement.

As a part of this course you will have an access to our online Video course covering basics of rock climbing.

Each course performed in the group of maximum of 5 people


Get a head start on your climbing journey with our FREE online intro course – it’s the perfect way to prepare for the hands-on learning at our facility. By tackling the foundational knowledge beforehand, you’ll hit the ground running when you arrive. Imagine – more climbing, less confusion, and a ton of fun. Enroll now and unlock the secrets to a smooth and enjoyable climbing experience!

course overview

What will you learn?

Learn essential safety guidelines for indoor rock climbing.

Understand the different types of climbing gear and how to use them effectively.

Explore the differences between top rope climbing and bouldering.

Learn about top rope and bouldering ratings, including how route difficulty is measured.

Practice fundamental movements and techniques on the climbing wall.

Meet Our instructors


Climbing Trainer


Climbing Trainer


Climbing Trainer


Climbing Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find answers for your questions please contact us directly for more information:

Anyone with a basic level of fitness and a willingness to learn can participate. This course caters to beginners with little to no prior climbing experience.

Wear comfortable, flexible clothing that allows for a wide range of movement. Avoid baggy clothing that may get caught on equipment.

No prior experience is necessary. Introductory courses are designed to teach beginners the basics of climbing, including safety procedures, equipment use, and fundamental techniques.

Like any adventure sport, rock climbing carries inherent risks. However, when practiced with proper instruction, safety equipment, and supervision, the risks can be minimized. Learning from experienced instructors and following safety protocols is crucial for minimizing accidents.

Basic climbing equipment includes a harness and climbing shoes. We will provide all the necessary equipment for this course. As you progress in climbing, you may choose to invest in your own gear.

Rock climbing can be physically demanding, but the intensity can vary depending on the type of climbing and the difficulty level of the routes. Beginners can start with easier climbs and gradually build strength and endurance over time.

By the end of the course, participants can expect to have a basic understanding of climbing techniques, safety procedures, equipment use, and etiquette at climbing gyms or outdoor crags. You’ll also gain confidence in your ability to climb and belay safely under supervision. During this course we will use auto belay. If you want to learn knots and how to belay please check out our Top Rope Belay course.

Ready to learn?