Push Climbing Presents: Sufferfest 2 – Are You Up for the Challenge?

Hey Pushpeeps!

Remember that epic Sufferfest event we raved about back in 2019? Well, guess what? The rumors are true – Sufferfest is BACK, and this year it’s promising to be even bigger and better!

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Push Climbing x Sufferfest 2 Partnership

Sufferfest 2 is here, and Push Climbing is giving YOU the chance to be part of the action! Here’s a taste of the challenges available with your FREE Push Climbing member ticket (limited quantities available, first-come, first-served):

Calling all aquatic athletes! This race combines open-water swimming and trail running, testing your endurance and agility as you navigate between land and water.

  • Two person race (22. 3 km) or Solo Half Lake (11.3 team or solo km)
  • For proficient swimmers only
  • Minimum ages 16

More information about SwimRun

Lace up your shoes and prepare for an off-road adventure! This run takes you through stunning natural landscapes, pushing you over varied terrain.

  • All ages route options
  • 5 – 7 – 12 – 18 – 23 km
  • Podium Awards 18 – 23 km
5 – 7 Km

An enjoyable walk or run without age restrictions. Suitable to every level of runner or walker.

  • All ages
12 Km

Designed as a stepping stone. If you’ve done 10km before, it’s time for a little more.

  • Age limit: 12+
18 Km

A variety of terrains across a diverse range of landscapes. A great way for getting into longer distance trails.

  • Age limit: 14+
23 Km

For advanced runners. From modern life to jungle trails. This route has been designed to keep you on your toes.

  • Age limit: 16+

More information about Multi-Terrain Race

Pioneering kids development through exciting outdoor activities and challenges.

Hybrid Youth

Hybrid Youth is an adventure playground of all sorts of exciting experiences. Bring the whole
family and share in the memories.

  • One person race
  • Available for ages 4 to 15 years old

More about Hybrid Youth

SwimRun Youth

For kids of all ages. Youth Swim Runners adventure across marked routes from 2.5-7.5 km distances as they grow and work their way towards the adult divisions.

7.5 km

Age limit: 13-15

5 km

Age limit: 8-12

2.5 km

Age limit: 3-7

More Information about SwimRun Youth

Hybrid is an adventure playground of all sorts of exciting experiences. Bring everyone together and share in the memories.

  • One person race
  • Available for 16+ years old

More about Hybrid

Hybrid Sprint

Age limit: 16+

  • Solo Swim & Run
  • This event is all athletes, male / female group start race
  • Testing endurance, stamina and speed
Hybrid DASH
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • A technical challenge course of unique design
  • Testing, agility, durability and adaptability
Hybrid throwdown
  • Fitness Challenge
  • A CrossFit style event, without heavy lifting.
  • Testing general fitness strength, mental toughness and recovery

More Information about SwimRun Youth

Catch this incredible opportunity to push your limits and experience the thrill of Sufferfest 2 for FREE as a Push Climbing member.

Remember, participation confirmation and arranging your own transportation and accommodation are your responsibility.

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