Standard 3-Hole T-Nut

Standard 3-Hole T-Nut

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T-Nut Standard 3 Holes: An essential accessory for anchoring climbing holds securely to the climbing wall surface. Each piece features 3 holes, ensuring a stable attachment to the wall, preventing any looseness or rotation during use by climbers.

These T-Nuts are designed to withstand continuous pressure and wear over extended periods. Crafted from high-quality materials, they are resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability even in humid environments. They are also capable of supporting the weight of climbers and are commonly used in both professional climbing gyms and outdoor climbing areas.

With T-Nut Standard 3 Holes, you can create a high-quality climbing wall with numerous options for hold placement. This allows for the creation of exciting challenges for climbers, enhancing the overall climbing experience.


The 3-hole zinc-plated t-nuts allow easy installation and keep the t-nuts from popping out or spinning. Screw-in t-nuts are designed for years of abuse and require the least amount of ongoing maintenance. We buy in huge bulk to have the most competitive prices. Contact us if you want a specific quantity or have questions about your climbing wall.


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