DIY Full Climbing Panel (1220mm x 2440mm)

DIY Full Climbing Panel (1220mm x 2440mm)

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Finished Panels Ready for Install (Natural Wood Grain).

Introducing our DIY Climbing Panels – your solution for setting up your very own climbing wall or starting a climbing business. These panels are designed for convenience and ease, coming with pre-made structures and optional pre-drilled holes and T-nuts. Whether it’s for personal use or a commercial venture, our panels provide the perfect foundation. Available in various thicknesses and easy to install, they offer endless possibilities for creating your ideal climbing experience.

With dimensions of 1220mm x 2440mm and thickness options of 12/18/23mm.



Our DIY wooden panels are designed and manufactured to make building a climbing wall easy and hassle-free. The panels come with pre-made structure, pre-drilled holes (optional), and pre-installed T-nuts (optional), saving you time and effort. These wooden panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with a covered structure.

With dimensions of 1220mm x 2440mm and thickness options of 12/18/23mm, these panels are easy to install on your own and allow for various climbing angles.

*Image Reference: Escape Climbing & Crescent Wall.

Additional information

Thickness / Độ dầy:

12 mm, 18 mm, 23 mm

Type of Holes / Kiểu của Lỗ:

Not Drill / Không Khoan, Diamond / Hình Thoi, Square / Hình Vuông

Drill Holes / Khoan Lỗ:

Bare Panel / Tấm Gỗ Nguyên, Drilled Panel (56 Holes) / Tấm Khoan Lỗ (56 Lỗ)


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