One of the things we love most at Push is the diversity of individuals who come and test themselves on our wall.  Today our very own Uyen Tran caught up with 65 year old Le Thi Thoan to ask her about her reasons for climbing with us.


Uyen : “Hi, may I ask what’s your name and how old are you ?


Le Thi Toan: “My name is Le Thi Toan, and I’m 65 years old.”


Uyen : “Could you tell us how you came to know about Push Climbing?”


Le Thi Toan : “Well, I am part of a group dedicated to the goal of making it to the top in all things – the idea is that each and every one of us ends up rich and healthy. My team leader is the one who decided to bring us here to try climbing, so we did. And when I start climbing I find I just want to climb right to the top. I’m not at all afraid, although I do find some of the holds a bit hard to grip. But I’m almost there; I’m almost all the way to the top already.”





Uyen : “Yeah, we all just need to try and little by little we can all get to the top, no worries. So how do you feel after finishing for the first time?”


Le Thi Toan : “First of all it was a new experience; a really good experience for me and also really good for training. It made us all more healthy, stronger, and it has stimulated my mind and body.”


Uyen : “Thank you so much for the interview, we hope you have a good day and that we’ll see you again soon.”






Được viết bởi Steve Shipside.