TRUBLUE iQ XL Auto Belay

TRUBLUE iQ XL Auto Belay

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Designed for high walls and heavy use, the next generation TRUBLUE iQ XL is more durable than ever before. From improved, wider webbing to a built-in back-bumper and replaceable mount guard, the iQ XL is built to last, while still offering the same magnetic braking and unassisted ascent that made TRUBLUE the #1 auto belay in the world. TRUBLUE iQ XL has a longer webbing and a customized retraction spring for maximum mounting height of 65 ft (20m).

Any pre-owned TRUBLUE iQ device can be upgraded to a TRUBLUE iQ+ with the purchase of a TRUBLUE iQ Upgrade Kit.

The TRUBLUE™With built-in durability, the most authentic climbing experience, and the patented magnetic braking system that climbers trust, the TRUBLUE iQ is the new standard in auto belays. Whether your climbing wall is indoors or outdoors, the TRUBLUE™ iQ XL Auto Belay is engineered to last. Our patented magnetic braking technology delivers the smoothest, most reliable catch in the industry, without wasting any sacrificial parts. Plus, the magnetic braking system is self-regulating, so every user gets the same, consistent experience, regardless of size or weight.

After years of research and extensive testing, the TRUBLUE iQ XL has been third-party certified by TÜV/SÜD Product Service GmbH to meet the strictest safety standards in the industry. Increase climber throughput, without sacrificing on safety with TRUBLUE iQ XL.

*EN – TBiQ – Operations Manual – LT, XL_WEB 2022-02-21-TRADEMARKED


The TRUBLUE is available in two webbing lengths:

  • 41 ft (12.5 m)
  • 65 ft (20 m)

Advanced Technology

  • Consistent lowering. The magnetic braking system automatically adjusts to the weight of the user, giving the same, smooth descent every time.
  • Reduced wear on internal components increases device lifespan, while eliminating the need for sacrificial parts like brake pads.
  • Built for indoor or outdoor climbing walls.
  • Low cost of ownership, even with high cycle counts.
  • Choose between four different types of webbing connectors.


  • Meets international safety standards: TRUBLUE is designed for climbers and engineered for safety. We engineered TRUBLUE to meet international safety standards for fall arrest devices.
  • Extensive safety testing: For over four years, the TRUBLUE auto belay has undergone extensive safety testing by an ISO 17025 accredited company specializing in product testing.


Featuring the same magnetic braking climbers love and trust, now more durable and lighter than ever before!

  • Dimensions:
    • iQ: 370 x 280 x 198 mm (14.5 x 11 x 7.7 in)
    • iQ+: 370 x 280 x 254mm (14.5 x 11 x 10 in)
  • Weight:
    • iQ LT: 15.9 kg (35 lbs)
    • iQ XL: 19 kg (41 lbs)
    • iQ+ LT: 19 kg (41.8 lbs)
    • iQ+ XL: 22.1 kg (48.7 lbs)
  • Climber Weight Range: 10-140 kg (22-309 lbs)
  • Maximum Landing Velocity: 2.0 m/s (6.5 ft/s)
  • Maximum Mounting Height:
    • LT: 12.5 m (41 ft)
    • XL: 20 m (65.6ft)
  • Minimum Mounting Height:
    • LT: 4.5 m (14.8 ft)
    • XL: 12 m (39.4 ft)
  • Temperature Range:
    • Operating: -4°C to 60°C (25°F to 140°F)
    • Operating (Dry): -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)


Everyday gyms, camps, adventure parks and more have a choice to make when they pick an auto belay for their business. With lives literally hanging on the line, we take safety seriously and think you should too. As the world leader in auto belay manufacturing, we have an awesome responsibility to take the lead in regulation and safety requirements. Every TRUBLUE is tested to the strictest safety standards, including:

  • AS/NZS 1891: Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices – Part 3: Fall arrest devices
  • CSA Z259.2.3-99: Descent Control Devices
  • EN 341: 2011 Class 1A: Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Descender devices
    • RFU PPE-R/11.128:2019: Recommended for Use for descent control devices used in climbing gyms, rope courses. 10x Class A.
  • ANSI/ASSE Z359.4: Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components
  • EN 360:2002: Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Retractable type fall arresters.
  • Section 4.5: Maximum force < 6kN for 150kg capacity.

Additional information

Webbing Length

20m (65,6ft)

Webbing Connector

Aluminum Triple Action Carabiner, Adventure Webbing, Open Loop, Steel Swivel Carabiner


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