Buddy Check

Performing the Safety Check ( BUDDY CHECK)

In top-rope belaying, the climber and belayer always double-check each other’s setup before climbing begins:

Knots: Is the climber’s figure 8 tied correctly and did the belayer close the system correctly with a stopper knot at the end of the rope?

Buckles: Are both harnesses snug with buckles securely fastened? Whether it’s inherent in the buckle design or (on older harnesses) the climber must perform the task, straps must double back through buckles to secure them.

Belay Device: Is it properly threaded? Does the carabiner pass through the rope, belay-device cable and harness belay loop? Is the carabiner locked?

Command Check: Because terms can vary, run through your communication to review terminology and to be sure you agree on every term you will use.