The Sentry

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The Sentry P – Where Inspiration Meets Innovation

‘The Sentry’, is Vietnam’s leading Social Real Estate Developer and Community Creator. With a focus on innovation and creativity, they are pioneers in Vietnam’s Coworking and Flexible office sector.

Their vision of transforming spaces into vibrant ecosystems, has made them the number one choice for Tech focused companies, Venture Capital Funds and Start Ups across and entering the Vietnam market.

From their Grade A co-working spaces that ignite creativity to co-living developments that foster connections, and their thoughtfully curated lifestyle events driving community, ‘The Sentry’ redefines the real estate landscape ecosystem. They are ‘One of You’, ‘The Sentry’ is your launchpad partner in Vietnam.

Join The Sentry in creating #TheFutureOfWork and #TheFutureOfLiving.

Imagine a place where creativity sparks, innovation thrives, and collaboration knows no bounds. Welcome to The Sentry P, a one-of-a-kind coworking space nestled in the heart of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, where artistry, sustainability, and innovation come together in perfect harmony. Here, they redefine how individuals and businesses collaborate #TheFutureofWork. From the moment you step inside, you’re engulfed by a sense of possibility, a feeling that here, you can be part of something remarkable.

A Haven for Visionaries

At The Sentry P, they don’t wear just one hat. They are a flexible co-working space designed for Creative and Tech Business and Start-Ups. They are an Artist Hub, a place where artistry flows from the walls to the hearts of their community. They are an Incubator Hub, nurturing ideas and businesses that are reshaping the future.

The Sentry P boasts an impressive architectural design that reflects its vision of being a creative Artist Hub. The building has a futuristic appearance, with curved glass walls and partitions, complemented by sleek metal frames. The open space layout encourages seamless communication and collaboration, creating an environment that nurtures transformation.


“Art isn’t just a decoration here; it’s a vital part of the workspace’s soul,” shares Greg Ohan, the CEO, and co-pioneer of The Sentry. Specially curated artwork from homegrown local artists decorates the building’s walls, inspiring creativity at every turn of its corridors. This artistic embrace is meant to kindle creativity among the vibrant community of visionaries that call The Sentry P their workplace.

A Community of Innovators

Beyond the vibrant artistic vibes, The Sentry P thrives as a bustling community of tech and creative entrepreneurs. Among its members stands Space Speakers Label, a Vietnamese community that serves as a catalyst for producers and artists, pushing the boundaries of music. And then there is Ivy and Partners Company Limited, a creative powerhouse redefining design and digital storytelling. These talents have found themselves a true home, and stages for their artistic and technological endeavours.

As a champion of flexible office space, Sentry P serves as a hub for collaboration, where tech wizards can brainstorm with graphic designers, and software engineers can work alongside artists to create innovative and aesthetically pleasing products and solutions.

Dedication to Sustainability

“At the core of The Sentry P’s mission is an unwavering commitment to sustainability,” emphasizes Greg. The workspace proudly holds the prestigious Lotus Gold certification, symbolizing its dedication to environmental stewardship. Remarkably, over 7 tonnes of recycled plastic trash have been transformed into benchtops, phone booths, standing desks, and tabletops throughout the workspace. 

In addition, they believe that the greatest strides towards sustainability are made together. Their Member Sustainable Recycling Program helps manage waste responsibly while fostering a sense of environmental responsibility within their community.

Leading the Way in AI Innovation

When it’s time for a coffee break, prepare for a futuristic twist. “Our very own robotic barista, or what we named it “Brewster” serves up freshly brewed cups of our exclusive coffee blend,” Greg proudly mentions, “enhancing your workspace experience and warming your heart.”

If coffee break is not enough on a Friday, they have got a special treat in house! As the workweek winds down, The Sentry P transforms into a lively hangout spot, where the members gather to unwind, connect, and share hearty laughter over complimentary craft beer.

Vietnam’s First Dog-Friendly Office Building

“For pet owners, The Sentry P is a dream come true,” beams Greg. They proudly stand as Vietnam’s first dog-friendly office building. Your furry babies aren’t just welcomed; they even have their own exclusive dog park, so your furry friends can keep you company while you work!

The Sentry P is more than just a workspace; it’s a journey towards a brighter future – one where creativity, environmental consciousness, and well-being go hand in hand. It has created a sanctuary where innovation flourishes, art inspires, and sustainability has a heartbeat.

Join The Sentry P, where inspiration finds its canvas, innovation knows no limits, and dreams take flight. Step into a community where work isn’t just work; it’s a thriving journey. Discover your future at this extraordinary hub of possibilities by visiting The Sentry P.