One of the first lady climbers to storm the Push walls, Ranya takes a moment to tell us about her own climbing journey from the rush to Queen.





why did you start climbing


“I started climbing because I was looking for a rush. I used to perform on stage, then took to extreme activities like cliff jumping, and even tried sky diving. I just loved that feeling I got when I was terrified – terrified but so excited.


When I climbed for the first time I remember the higher I got the stronger that feeling got and it was thrilling. I was hooked after that.


Climbing is a way for me to constantly challenge myself, it’s made me stronger and a lot more brave.



how did you end up at push?


“I first climbed in Canada in 2012 but it was too expensive for me to get serious about. The first time I went to Push was in 2016, my second year in Vietnam. I worked with a friend of Paul who invited me there for the day. Why Push? The community! The first time I went to Push I was nervous because I wasn’t an experienced climber but everyone there was so supportive and welcoming. Paul was an amazing coach and really cared about all his clients. The climbers who were there and the staff were always so helpful and supportive. We would talk about routes, swap tips and genuinely cheer each other on when we got stuck on moves.


I would usually climb for an hour or so and then sit and chat with everyone for three. It was always a fun time.”





queen of the crate stackers. we are not worthy!


“Heheheh. Actually, Stacking was such a fluke! I was at Push the first day they introduced it and on my first go I stacked 18 crates. I loved the challenge and how scary it got once the stack started to sway in the wind. I was able to compete in three crate stack competitions, getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the process.”



anytips for your crate stacking minions?


“Stacking requires a lot of balance and focus, my only tip would be to take it slow and not to rush.”



From THE rush, to no rush. Thanks Ranya (your maj)