I lived in Colorado for nearly ten years where I discovered my passion for sport climbing. This motivated me to travel around the world trying new climbing areas. I have been inspired by the climbing community, the stories, and the sport itself. I am proud to call HCMC home and I am grateful to the Push Team for giving me space to keep my passion building! 

Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, FL USA 

Years climbing: 4.5 

Why do you love climbing? I love the ability to challenge my physical and mental body when I am climbing. I love the community that follows climbing. And most of all I love the feeling when I reach the top of a route. The views also do not suck.  

What’s your guilty pleasure?  BEER! 

Who inspires you? I am inspired by anyone who follows their passion without fear or judgment of themselves. 

Where’s your favorite place to climb? Tonsai & Railay beach areas in Thailand. 

If you could climb anywhere in the world, where would it be? SPAIN, anytime I climb in Spain my heart is so full. I would love to discover more of the central coastal areas. 

What are your other hobbies? Paddleboarding, Diving, trekking…playing in mountains or in the water. 

Describe your perfect day: Sunrise paddleboard on the sea. A big lunch followed by a sport climb with some good friends. Followed by some beer of course. If there can be some live music somewhere in the mix with friends, that would be tight. 

Favorite food? Peanut butter and Marou Chocolate!