In this exclusive video, Mr. Tuan opens up about his deep passion for climbing and his incredible journey within the world of rock climbing. His love for this exhilarating sport has truly transcended beyond a mere hobby – it’s become a way of life for him!

Q1: What is your earliest memories of climbing and what drew you to it?

  • Certainly! I loved climbing when I was a kid. My house was very close to a local market near my primary school. It was always bustling with people in the morning, but at night, it transformed into a quiet, empty space. There were numerous stalls, and I remember climbing from one stall to another every afternoon. As I grew older, I stopped doing it until one day when I visited Crescent Mall and saw a climbing wall. It brought back memories of my childhood, and I felt like I could be a kid once more. That’s when I decided to start climbing again.

Q2: How was your first experience climbing at Crescent Wall – Push Climbing?

  • My first time climbing at Crescent Wall was on The Fun Wall, which is popular among kids. Even that tiny wall scared me initially, but you know when we’re afraid of something, we produce a lot of adrenaline. That feeling was addictive; I was terrified, but it felt so incredibly good.

Q3: How do you introduce climbing to your friends and family?

  • Since I discovered this sport, I’ve been inviting everyone I know to give it a try, including my co-workers, family, and even my almost 4-year-old daughter. I even managed to convince her to join me, and she loves it despite being so young. Now, on weekends, instead of debating whether to spend time with her or relax on my own, we all gather as a family to climb together.

Q4: What are your climbing goals and aspirations?

  • My biggest climbing goal is to venture outdoors, although I can’t do it every day. So, I come here to practice and have been taking courses on belay and lead techniques. Belaying, which involves safely holding the rope for the climber, and lead climbing are skills I’m working on. So, if anyone wants to climb, just give me a shout, and I’ll be there to belay for you.

BONUS: Do you have any final thoughts or messages you’d like to share with our readers?

  • Absolutely! I’d like to invite you to join us at Crescent Wall. It’s a wonderful place to pursue your passion for climbing, connect with friends and family, and challenge yourself. See you at Crescent Wall, and don’t forget to say hello!

❤️🧗 Join us as Mr. Tuan takes us on a captivating adventure through his climbing experiences, sharing stories of triumphs, challenges, and heartfelt moments of joy and growth.