Tokyo Powder GARAGE

Tokyo Powder GARAGE

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This is a liquid chalk developed for home training during the coronavirus pandemic.

It suppresses scattering and easily falls off when you wash your hands, and provides a friction that is particularly compatible with wood holds. In addition, it is a mysterious liquid chalk that will leave your hands pale white, but the chalk will not stick to other parts of your body when you touch it.

Clothes won’t get dirty even if you touch them.


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Product size:

(W)42mm (H)70mm (D)26mm

Precautions for use:
If the water separates, mix it together or discard the water before use.

Please do not use it for anything other than climbing.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not ingest as it is not edible.

Avoid suction.

Please keep it out of your eyes.

If you get it in your eyes or experience any discomfort such as pain or itching when using it, stop using it immediately and rinse it off with water immediately without rubbing.

If any discomfort remains, consult your doctor.

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48 gram


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