Starter Climbing Set

Starter Climbing Set

2,500,000 VND3,870,000 VND

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A beginner climbing package is a great way to get started in rock climbing. It typically includes all the essential gear you need to safely climb top-rope or bouldering routes, such as a good pair of Climbing shoes, Harness, and Chalk.

  • Climbing Shoes: ROVER from Mad Rock can improve your grip and performance on the wall.
  • CLimbing Harness: A comfortable and adjustable harness is essential for a safe and enjoyable climbing experience. The Harness 4.0 in Mars red or Venus Purple is ready for your next challenge.
  • Climbing Chalk & Chalk Bag: Convenient CHALK SOCK helps to keep your hands dry and improve your grip. Chalk is holded by BOLT CHALK BAG with a ultra-soft fleece lining: The inside of the bag is lined with luxurious fleece that holds chalk better and provides even coverage for your hands, giving you the perfect grip for every send.
  • Climbing Tape: For beginner climbers, it is inevitable that you will experience some injuries to your finger joints and muscles. Using CLIMBING TAPE can help improve this condition and reduce the risk of injury.


Additional information

Climbing Category:

Top Rope, Bouldering

Harness (If Top Rope):

-, Mars 4.0 (Red), Venus 4.0 (Purple)

Rover Color:

White, Black

Rover Size:

3US, 3.5US, 4US, 4.5US, 5US, 5.5US, 6US, 6.5US, 7US, 7.5US, 8US, 8.5US, 9US, 9.5US, 10US, 11US, 12US, 13US, 14US, 15US, 16US

Chalk Bag:

White, Black, Pink, Green


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