Video By: Chris Taljaard

Push Climbing is here to share our expertise and knowledge about the new Simond Edge Adult Climbing shoe. 

As a climber, you understand the importance of finding your perfect shoe that gives you that extra boost of confidence to send and flash your projects. 

The climbers in Vietnam have the ability to order shoes via Decathlon online with a fast turn around. When you are looking for a high-performance shoe that is not going to break the bank, this Simond Edge Climbing shoe is a perfect fit available through Decathlon. 


The inner lining of the shoe allows solid comfort for most levels of climbers. The flexibility of the Edge Climbing Shoe offers exceptional foot sensitivity for indoor use.

The toe box itself is strong and quite aggressive. If you are working on some indoor bouldering projects, The asymmetrical shape, pointed toe & powerful heel offer precision for your technical climbing. 

The Vibram® XS grip out-sole offers precise grip and resistance to maintain its shape. 

The downturn gives you the ability to pull off those toe and heel hooks while performing more technical climbing. The precise grip also allows your heel and toe to attach to the smaller holds. If you take this shoe bouldering, you will not be disappointed.  

For intermediate and advanced climbers, the performance and aggressive edge are going to allow your technicality to improve.  

Although, if you are a beginner climber, the narrow shoe box and sharp edges with the down turn-style could be a little uncomfortable for you if you are not used to the style. But do your best to push through and give the shoe time as it will offer you what you need to improve your skills.


Simond Edge Climbing Shoe

The Simond edge offers a top Velcro strap allowing you to adjust your comfort and tightness with ease as you go in and out of projects and routes. 

The Simond Edge climbing shoe comes in blue and black. The style is suitable for women or men. 


Josh, Push Climbing’s Chief Operator and Chris took the Edge climbing shoe for a ride to test out its abilities on the wall. 

Josh is quick to explain that the shoe is perfect for indoor bouldering. He states that if you are looking to flash a bouldering project with ease and comfort, this shoe is a great choice. 

Josh states that if you are wanting a shoe for training or climbing laps every day, The Simond Edge may not be an ideal choice. The over-all wear and tear of the shoes are not a strong as others, making the durability not recommended for everyday training.  

Chris agrees that the Simond Edge climbing shoe is not recommended for everyday use, but a solid shoe for your rotation to flash those indoor bouldering projects. 

Decathlon also offers information that:

“ For regular climbers, the life of the bushings is generally 6 months to a year. This depends on many factors such as the type of rock or resin, climbing style, and types of routes. As soon as you see the synthetic leather through the bushings, you must get them resoled. Our Decathlon workshops offer resoling services to extend the life of your shoes” 

– Decathlon.

In other words, if you choose this shoe to be your favorite for your climbing needs, Decathlon has your back and can resole the shoe for you. 

Thanks, Decathlon! 


Decathlon is a strong partner with Push Climbing. They are always improving their product and their brands are strong and true to maintaining the highest quality for the adventure and outdoor community. 

Hilariously enough, during the process of production and reviewing of this shoe, Simond stopped manufacturing the product. We like to say, “ The Shoe That Never Was…” BUT we were lucky enough to get our hands on the last of the product.

If The Simond Edge Climbing Shoe seems perfect for you, get them while you can, since the shoe that never was, will go quickly! Push Climbing has a very limited selection of shoes. The sizes available to purchase at Push Climbing are US 6 – US 10 / EU 38 – EU 42.


You may also check out some of our other gear reviews on our Push Blog if this shoe is not for you.

Climb on.

Words By: Ally Fleckenstein

Photos and Video by: Chris Taljaard