Watch this video to learn more about the infamous Tokyo Powder Industries.

December of 2020 you can order the best rock climbing chalk, Tokyo Powder directly from Japan to Push Climbing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Push Climbing is here to provide a unique and exclusive selection of Tokyo Powder’s best products

Vietnam climbers are stronger than ever at this moment, so Push wants to be sure to give you the best of the best. Chalk can make or break your climbing experience in the wet atmosphere in Viet Nam, so get ready to up your gear game with this Japanese gold.


“Tokyo Powder continues to be the most high friction chalk and best food grade magnesium carbonate we have EVER discovered.”

Tokyo Powder Industries.

The Japanese climbing chalk experts have small yet mighty team. Located in Tokyo, Japan some inspired climbers began researching and testing how to create products for all climbing conditions and climber’s needs. Their inspiration derived from creating sustainable products while offering a large variety of climbing chalk to give you exactly what you need to climb your best. The climbing gods thank the founders and testers of this magical climbing gear.

Their products are clearly broken down for climbers to understand how to choose the best gear. They evaluate and consider the weather conditions, the style of rock, the style of climbing and even your mental state. 

Product description from Tokyo Powder.


“We believe in the way of the climb. Bonded to nature, simple, yet immensely enjoyable.”

Tokyo Powder Industries.

Tokyo Powder Industries are connected to the environmental importance that aligns with the mentality that rock climbers hold. In Viet Nam, we continue to grow and discover more outdoor climbing. With Tokyo Powder, you can be conscious of the environmental impacts of the land and rock with their advanced research and knowledge put into their climbing chalk production. 

Tokyo powder showcases the importance of maintaining nature by reducing CO2 emissions. Tokyo Powder recognizes renewable energy and values using raw material as as well reusing bottles for their products. 

“The finished chalk is used by climbers and remains on the rock, drained by rain. The flow is ionized in the ground and decomposes, eventually making it back to the sea where it all started.”

Tokyo Powder Industries.

They also continue to support to protect Totoro Forest in Japan that lies in their backyard. 


“OMG, MURI, MURI!” Photo by: Tokyo Powder Industries.

Tokyo Powder is equipped to support the diversity of environments around the world, including Viet Nam’s rock climbing. 

We live in Viet Nam. It is WET here. They say, “Viet Nam has rainy season or hot season”, right? That means that regardless of the time of the year, climbers are always beating the heat and the humidity while rock climbing. We have all been there; putting the chalk on our hands hoping that we do not need to chalk up again after 2 moves. We strive to find the best way to chalk up, but there is no way to control the humidity in Viet Nam.

 “The grain of Tokyo Powder Industries Black Chalk is quite fine, which makes it stick very well and quickly to the hands. So you can concentrate on doing your best instead of re-chalking.”

Tokyo Powder Industries.

When we look at humidity, Tokyo Power’s “Astro Ball” is engineered to take the humidity from the air and suck the moisture. They also offer’s Tokyo Powder Industries Black Pack. This super savvy climbing chalk is designed with a drying agent. 

Various tests with the Black Chalk formula have shown that this chalk keeps hands dry much longer than other chalks and offers excellent friction! Tokyo Powder have tested the Black Chalk in a variety of conditions: After rain…, in high humidity, indoors and outdoors.

Tokyo Powder Description breakdown.

Another key element that climbers experience outdoor climbing in Viet Nam is dealing with insects. Tokyo Powder offers The Speed Pack that is created with the oh so enticing peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass. These scents increase concentration and act as an insect repellent. 

Learn more here about all of the products that are offered from Toyko Powder Industries HERE.  

This is great news for the climbers here in Viet nam, whether you are climbing in Cat Ba, at a gym in Saigon or in Huu Lung,  you will be simply satisfied with the chalk offered by Tokyo Powder Industries for controlling the mosquitoes buzzing around and the sweat filling up your palms. 


Take Hold and get your powder today!

Now that you know the secret of the best climbing chalk all the way from Japan to Vietnam for you, go ahead and get yours today. 

You can read their detailed break down of each of their products to see which product meets your climbing need here in Viet Nam from our Shop Here. You can evaluate the needs based off the style of rock, level of friction desired for bouldering projects or even based off your mental awareness through their scented products.  

You will not be disappointed and you can show off products from one of the best producers of chalk in the world, Tokyo Powder Industries.

Words by: Ally Fleckenstein

Translation by: Uyen Tran