What to expect from the 4th floor of the climbing gym coming to The Crescent Mall. We call it, “The Pit”. BRING ON THE BEST INDOOR CLIMBING EXPERIENCE TO VIETNAM!

The Crescent Wall Powered By Push wants to share with you what to expect in “THE PIT”. The world class climbing wall will be coming to The Crescent Mall in 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

VIDEO BY : Paul Massad.

WHAT IS “THE PIT?” in a climbing gym?

If you have had the pleasure to visit other climbing gyms in the world, you have understood the power of climbing indoors with such heights.

“The Pit” is located on the 4th floor of the Crescent Mall. The climbing wall will be visible from outside and also as soon as you enter the climbing gym, giving you that larger than life, giddy feeling that wants you coming back for more. 

In the Pit you will have the leisure of facing the beautiful Phu My Hung through the 16 meter windows. The area will also be surrounded by foliage and picturesque imagery for the climbers to feel as if they are climbing in the mountains with the natural lighting and vibe.

WHAT can we find IN “THE PIT”?


The Pit is 16 meters high with 800+ square meters of climbing space that is family accommodating and challenging for advanced climbers. Whether you are an experienced climber or coming for the first time to try something new and exciting, “ THE PIT” will have something for you.


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WHAT ELSE WILL BE OFFERED at the crescent wall? 

Next, we will share the Bouldering area offered at The Crescent Wall powered by Push Climbing. 

Look out for the following articles to learn more about :

  • Cafe + co-working space.
  • The “Breakfast” Wall – A.K.A. The Learning Wall.
  • Memberships and community. 
  • Sponsors from the community.

Construction for The Pit is underway for all your climbing dreams to come true right here in Saigon, Viet Nam. 

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Climb on! 

Words by: Ally Fleckenstein

Images and videos by : Paul Massad 

Translation by : Trang Bui