Push Climbing located in Ho Chi Minh City, Việt Nam hosted a rock climbing Summer Camp in July 2020.

Group photo of Summer Camp 2020 climbers and instructors.

Climb on monkeys.

Times are a bit tricky while navigating a global pandemic, but the Push Team did not let that bring their summer camp spirit down! Young climbers from around the city came together to learn how to rock climb in one of Việt Nam’s favorite rock climbing gyms, Push Climbing. This group of brave climbers between the ages of four to ten each brought their personality and fun to the group to allow a smooth, safe, and encouraging environment. Rock climbing is a personal sport but without the support of a strong and engaging team, the sport is not as exciting.


The young rock climbers learned the importance of warming up their bodies through group instructed warm-ups, how to identify and safely use climbing gear, traverse climbing, climbing technique, and how to identify a variety of holds. The young climbers loved to be creative with their warm-ups. They explored these areas of climbing with engaging games, focus exercises, and repetition. Rock climbing just like any sport requires confidence, balance, strength, and focus. The summer campers all proved to shine in all of these skills. In only two weeks, each camper was able to conquer their mountain.


One camper expressed while learning the different holds in rock climbing.

Summer Campers warming their bodies before rock climbing.


What is so wonderful about rock climbing, is that while you are being supported by your peers, you also have the opportunity to set your personal goals. The young climbers were given the opportunity to continue to advance in the sport by learning how to top-rope climb. These strong and motivated climbers learned the commands, knots and skills to achieve top-rope climbing. This next-level skill requires more patience, leadership, teamwork, and confidence. These campers were so brave!

My favorite part is making it all the way to the top!

A camper expressed in excitement after sending his first climb on Top-Rope.


The Summer Camp experience cannot be shared without talking about The Jungle Gym!  The Jungle Gym located on the second floor is an enclosed area where climbers can focus on their traverse climbing technique as well as group games to keep the climbers on the wall to gain strength, focus, and balance. The Jungle Gym is proudly now opened to the public! You can let your children play while you get your climb session in for only 50k per child. 

Summer camper in the Jungle Gym at Push Climbing.

climbing games can be for big kids too.

Did you know that climbing games are fun and exciting for any age?! If you are looking for a new challenge with your friends on your next climb: talk to any of the Push Team instructors for ideas to spice up your climbing experience! Rock climbing is a sport to be taken seriously when it comes to following safety rules but it is a sport where you have the ability to show off your competitive and goofy side too.


The rock climbers gave each other beta and cheered each other on with confidence to understanding how to identify their favorite holds and to keep their T-Rex arms off the wall. As a climber, you understand the importance of supporting each other and these monkeys were so strong and supportive! The Push team encouraged working as a team along with facing your own personal fears and battles. Each young rock climber proved to be very brave and committed to being stronger and go higher.

Young climber showing off her bravery sport climbing at Push Climbing.


Push Climbing’s designer, South Radish created unique journals for the climbers during their camp with thematic fun coloring pages. Followed by original stickers for the campers as a part of their end of the camp celebration. They were also gifted fun monkey bandanas where the obvious monkey dance party let loose. The rain did not stop these spirited climbers!  Stay tuned on Push Climbing’s social media to learn how you can win unique stickers designed by South Radish.

A Summer Camp climber conquering his mountain.

future camp at push climbing

The Push team had a blast with the little monkey climbers and would love to continue to host more camps. Stay tuned for more information on what Push Climbing will have to offer later this year and in the future. 

Congratulations to all our Summer Camp 2020 climbers, we hope to see you all on the wall again!

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Words by : Ally Fleckenstein

Photos by : Ally Fleckenstein, Uyen Tran, Ngo Thien An and Gia Bao Nguyen Duong


Summer Camp 2020’s biggest cheerleader & youngest climber, Evelyn.

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