If you, or your kids, have triumphantly mastered the red ‘ladder’ route on the right hand side of the wall and are looking for the next step then Vy has got just the route for you to try.  Two of them to be precise.



Vy and her fancy footwork



The Big Easy


“3rd Easy was originally set up for kids” explains Vy, but Push kids come in all ages. “It’s different from the red ladder you probably started out on because it’s more about the art of climbing – you have to swap your feet, and move a bit more out to the left and to the right whereas the ladder is pretty much straight up.  So it’s just a teensy bit more technical.”


That’s not to say you should be daunted. Just the opposite. If you’re happy now going up the ‘ladder’ then this should be just the step up you need to challenge you slightly and give you more of an understanding of what you’re doing.


“The holds themselves are comfy; there are no hard to hold tiny crimps but there is a catch. The hand holds are good, but sometimes the footholds you end up using are smaller, so you have to think more about your feet and your technique.”


It’s not just for beginners either.  “For more experienced climbers it’s a good warm up route because you can cross hands to stretch your whole body out, as well as practising foot swapping on small holds.”





Riding the Ocean Blue


Fancy footwork is a bit of a Vy trademark, so it’s only natural that it’s a key aspect of the routes that she sets.  Her second new route, Ocean Blue (for the colour) is a riff on the same theme as Purple 3rd Easy. “Ocean Blue is a fun route with easy moves.” There’s a catch though. “There are nice big holds, but there’s a bit of a trick start.” So if you’re starting out but have got the measure of the ‘ladder’ routes then come be swayed by Vy’s purple and blue moves.


They’ll test you just a little more, and make you a little more aware of how your body moves in the process



If you would like to find our more about our new routes or our team of setters be sure to check out the “On The Wall” section of our blog for more!