Push Climbing shares Vietclimb’s Anniversary competition and party 03/04/2021. 


Did you know that VietClimb just celebrated their 10 year anniversary? 


We interviewed Jean Verly to hear about his experience opening and celebrating his vision and climbing  in Vietnam. 


We also interviewed Joshua Suson and Bao Nguyen, who were representing  Push Climbing. They both traveled to Hanoi to compete in the cozy  and exciting celebration hosted by Vietclimb on the 3rd of April 2021. 


Read below to catch up on what you missed at VietClimb’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration.


10 YEARS WITH VIETCLIMB = Competition to celebrate!



Photos of climbers at Vietclimb for a 10 year anniversary competition. Photos by Cédric Florentin.


Jean Verly, the founder and owner of VietClimb shares with Push Climbing about opening a bouldering gym and developing outdoor climbing in Vietnam for the last 10 years. 


Jean shares with us his reflection on the anniversary celebration on the 3rd of April 2021,


I’ve been thankful to see climbers from different generations, cities and gyms crushing problems and an active core of route-setters and volunteers giving their best until a formidable bia hoi wiped away the sweat we’ve been pouring in this adventure.

Jean Verly


Jean also tells us about his contribution to development to indoor and outdoor climbing in Vietnam, 


I’m only an agent striving with my team to shape and contribute to a larger movement involving indoor climbing obviously, but also outdoor exploration or social entrepreneurship. These last 10 years, we are grateful for witnessing the rise of a climbing community whose resilience has mitigated its modest growth, to have our sport finally legally recognized in some parts of Vietnam by local authorities, and to see some active individuals and other microbusinesses participating in the development of our ecosystem.

Jean Verly




Members of the Push team who were inspired to attend the event and compete to show their support flew to Hanoi to climb their hardest. 


Joshua Suson, who has been working at Push Climbing for four years and is familiar face to all climbers in Vietnam shares with us that,


The competition was great. It was very fun to be able to compete against the top competitors in Vietnam and being able to see many new climbers being so dedicated and pushing themselves to climb hard. It was pretty cool to see and as a route setter, I thought the route setting was great. So it was overall, a great trip to Hanoi.

Joshua Suson



Joshua Suson attending VietClimb’s 10 Year Anniversary celebration. Photo by Cédric Florentin.


Bao Nguyen, who started his journey with  Push Climbing in the  summer of 2020, has become a strong climber very quickly. Influenced and inspired by the strong climbers in Vietnam, he fell in love with the sport after his first climb with a friend on the weekend. He then asked for a job right after. This was Bao’s first participation in a climbing competition. This what he says about his experience,


It seemed like it was a smaller and more chill comp, and it was exactly what I expected. It was very small and very intimate. Climbers were very strength focused. Everyone was very friendly. The environment was very supportive and cozy . Everyone was just happy to be there and climb.

Bao Nguyen.


Push Climbing’s team brought home the 3rd place for the Open Category by Joshua Suson and 2nd place for the Intermediate category by Bao Nguyen. And of course, congratulations to all the dedicated climbers who came out and competed and celebrated VietClimb’s 10 years!



Bao Nguyen competing in the Intermediate Category for VietClimb Anniversary celebration. Photo by Cédric Florentin.


Stay tuned for more exciting events, competitions and news from all of the gyms located in Vietnam this year, 2021. 


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Words and Interview by: Ally Fleckenstein


Photos by : Cédric Florentin. 


Translation by : Trang Bui