The climbing community is aware of the iconic sport climbing with Hữu Lũng, Cát Bà Island and Hạ Long Bay located in the north of Việt Nam. But the climbers may not be as aware of how much exploration and discovery is offered in the south of the country.


This September, a group of motivated and experienced climbers in Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam discovered a variety of boulders in Suối Đá. After just one trip, these climbers called out to the community at large, bringing in Push Climbing, Vertical Academy, and Saigon Climbing Center’s staff, members, and owners to explore what the south of Việt Nam has to offer for outdoor climbers. 


The area of Suối Đá, Việt Nam is located only one and a half hours away from the south of Hồ Chí Minh and half an hour north of Vũng Tàu. Suối Đá sits on the edge of the foothills. The area is breathtakingly green and is full of potential for a climbers paradise.





“I think that the climbing community is full of the most inspiring, interesting and coolest people that I know. I am very glad to be a part of the trip and process.”



The group of “inspiring, interesting and cool” climbers gathered together on a rainy Sunday on the 11th of October from the city of Sài Gòn and headed to Suối Đá ready to explore.


The rain did not stop the excitement of the group. Everyone joined efforts to clean the newfound boulder. What is the best incentive of cleaning the rock together? Everyone involved had the pure sanctification to try the freshly discovered, cleaned rock. This then will lead to sharing the spot with the climbing community of Việt Nam.


“Finding a new spot and then setting new problems for others to try makes me happy. I really want to find new spots and areas so we have more places to go to for climbing.”



The best part of what we learned; there is so much potential for this area and we have loads more to develop. The climbers discovered countless rocks that have the ability for sport climbing and bouldering. A team of climbing frontiers is currently working hard to build a map including details of what has currently been discovered in this area. We will keep you posted on how and when to find this information as it is released. Stay tuned!


Here are some captured moments from the adventurous day.



You can also click HERE to see a full album from the day on Facebook.




The momentum of building the climbing community is full of energy and fueled with passion. The climbers in Saigon are also motivated to following the global importance of conserving the environmental aspects so that we can all continue to climb outdoors. We can plan next to bring awareness on this topic as we continue to develop the southern outdoor climbing opportunities. Together, we can maintain the beauty of this area while doing what we all love, climbing.




The momentum will not stop now. This week between the 22nd of October through the 2nd of November a large group of climbers from the south will be sport climbing together in Hữu Lũng. 


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Words by: Ally Fleckenstein 


Photos by: Ally Fleckenstein