Roctoberfest was always more than just a rock climbing festival, because Push people are more than climbers.  

This year we were able to make that feeling a reality because this Rocktoberfest, for the first time, was a celebration of all things open air, and making them available to the people who love them.

As a rock climbing competition it, erm, rocked. The competitors came armed with boundless enthusiasm, good sportsman/womanship and good humour.  The spectators cheered them on and even oohed and aahed at the right moments and the vibe was exceptional. But what makes Rocktoberfest isn’t just what happens on the wall.  It’s a sense of community that goes way beyond belay buddies and soloing, and for that we have to say a huge thanks to our partners.

Climbers do more than climb.  We know that the people who come to Push love to push themselves a little, they love to go beyond, they love the outdoors, they love living their lives and our partners in Rocktoberfest are a perfect reflection of those attitudes


Take Decathlon, the sports retailing giant which makes sports affordable and accessible to all without ever having lost the importance or identity of the specialist niche brands in its stable.  Thanks for their support, and thanks for their end of line sale no small amount of which went home in this Push Peep’s shopping bag.

Tai Lai House

Or the Ta Lai Adventure providing jungle adventure, eco-tourism, and a sustainable lifestyle for the Ma people of the Cat Tien nature reserve bridging the border between modern world and ancient ways.

Trekker Cafe

Trekker Café and its amazing Trekker tours with K’Ho people in the forests of the Central Highlands, introducing visitors to their coffee and their longhouse lifestyle

Asia Outdoor

Asia Outdoors for their joyful celebration of the limestone karsts and sparkling waters of  Cát Bà Island and Lan Ha Bay – next to and yet worlds away from the tourist traps of Ha Long Bay.

Bozzo Ventures

BoZo Ventures – installing pop up climbing and zip line experiences around Asia to bring the thrill of climbs (and falls) to people.

Saigon Outcast

All our partners are unique but they all share that love of the outdoors and an urgent sense of the need to preserve and nurture it.  They all work to bring unforgettable experiences to customers and friends, and they all aim for to live a life that takes the everyday to another universe.

Thank you to one and all, and watch out world for our next collaboration.

Words by Steve Shipside. Photo & Video by Vũ Ngọc Quang &Alex Flores.