Push Climbing is launching its 5th Rocktober Climbing festival. A day to celebrate climbing, the sport we love. The event is open to everyone who wants to have a good day with friends, whether is trying out a new sport, signing up for an adventure, or enjoying the amazing display of climbing talent. Push Climbing & Crescent Wall invites you to join the climbing trend and take the title of strongest climber home!

Categories 2023

*Categories separated for women and men groups.


Top Rope (minimum age 8+)

  • Beginner: no prior experience needed.

Utilize auto belay with instructor support. Perfect for new climbers wanting to try competition.

  • Intermediate: minimum climbing grade 5B

Ideal for aspiring climbers embarking on their climbing journey and ready to put their skills to the ultimate endurance test.

Lead Climbing (minimum age 14+)

Participants of the lead climbing category must successfully pass a lead climbing test before the competition. In the event that a participant does not pass the test, they will be offered the option to switch to any other category of their choice.

  • Intermediate: minimum climbing grade 5B
  • Advanced: minimum climbing grade 6B

Bouldering (minimum age 8+)

For the bouldering competition, participants are required to have a basic understanding of falling techniques. Additionally, participants below the age of 14 must provide a parental agreement for their participation.

  • Beginner: minimum climbing grade V0
  • Intermediate: minimum climbing grade V3
  • Advanced: minimum climbing grade V5


Participant’s Kit 2023

Every Ticket includes Participant’s Kit:

  • Limited Edition T-shirt with BIB Number
  • Loose Chalk by Push
  • Scoring Card
  • Rocktober Schedule & Rules
  • Certificate of participation
  • Rocktober 2023 – Souvenir Kit
  • Sponsor’s Goodie Bag**

**The Sponsor’s Goodie Bag contains the sponsor’s in-kind gifts and can vary from year to year based on the extent of the Sponsor’s contribution.

*** Winner’s Prizes include Trophy by category, membership at the facility and sponsor’s prizes that will not be revealed until the award ceremony, because we want to encourage you to compete for fun, not for stuff.

Ticket Cost

Ticket sale starts on October 1st, 2023.

  • Early Bird Sales: October 1-10, 2023 – Price 550.000 VND
  • Regular Ticket Sales: October 11 – October 21, 2023. Price: 650.000 VND
  • Member Ticket Sales: October 1st – October 21, 2023. Fixed Price of 500.000 VND. Member should register before the event to keep his/ her spot in the competition.

Important Information:

  • Limited Number of participants: 200 spots only.
  • Every ticket includes Participants Kit and access to the 2 day event to the facility.
  • Rental Equipment (shoes & harness) is not included in the ticket cost. Rental gear can be rented on the day of the event. Prices for rental equipment can be checked here.
  • If the participant didn’t show up on the day of the event – without prior notification, their spot will be lost. Participant Kit can be picked up after the event.
  • Every ticket includes access only to 1 category of the competition. If participants want to compete in 2 categories, they need to pay 150.000 VND for an extra category. Maximum 2 categories are allowed.
  • In the case, when participants compete in 2 categories: the scoring time will be only half-time for each category. Participants can choose which scoring round will be dedicated to which category. In the case of finals, person who compete in 2 categories will have a priority to perform first.
  • Tickets can be purchased only in the approved partner’s locations or at Push Climbing facilities. Prior to purchase the ticket – please register.




October 21 – Qualifications


10:00   Sign In

10:30   Orientation

11:00   Scoring Round – 1

14:00   Lunch Break

15:00   Scoring Round – 2

18:00   Counting Points

19:00   Result Announcements


October 22 – Finals

10:00   Sign In + Orientation

10:30   Top Rope Finals: Beginner – 4F / 60 min

11:30   Top Rope Finals: Intermediate – 4F / 60 min

12:30   Lunch Break

13:00   Sign In + Orientation

13:30   Lead Climbing Finals: Intermediate – 4F / 90 min

13:30   Bouldering Finals: Beginner – 6F / 60 min

14:30   Bouldering Finals: Intermediate – 6F / 60 min

15:00   Lead Climbing Finals: Advanced – 4F / 90 min

15:30   Bouldering Finals: Advanced – 6F / 60 min

17:00   Award Ceremony

Sponsors 2023