For those who are new to the climbing scene and don’t know what Rocktober Festival is all about, check this out:

ROCKTOBER Fest 2019 climbing festival. Video by Chris Taljaard.

Since 2017, Push Climbing has had the privilege of organizing the most epic annual climbing festival in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam, bringing together passionate climbers, bands, and brands for a weekend event dedicated to honoring the climbing community at large in a fun and competitive experience.  

We want to THANK all climbers, adventure junkies, supporters, Saigon Outcast, and all the sponsors who participated in the last 3 years of this spectacular event. YOU ROCK!


Check out some radical photos, videos and blog posts that captured the exciting moments from the past three years. The community came together to bring a memorable experience for everyone involved. Below are moments from the first Rocktober Fest in October 2017 at Push Climbing in HCMC Viet Nam. The photos are by Vu Ngoc Quang.

Below are moments from Rocktober Festival 2018 at Push Climbing. The photos are by Vu Ngoc Quang.

Watch this video below for a complete re-cap on Rocktober Fest 2019.

Re-cap of ROCKTOBER Fest 2019. Video by Chris Taljaard


In solidarity and support of the National and international guidelines, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, The Push Family decided to postpone Rockotber Fest 2020 until 2021 to ensure the safety of the climbers and all the guest of the event.  You may cherish the memories from the last three years and know the Push family and team will be back!

STAY TUNED ADVENTURE Junkies- Bigger and stronger than ever!

We know that you will keep on training away to make the upcoming competition even more fierce than the year before. We guarantee that your dedication to climbing will be worth it. The Push Team will not disappoint your expectations in 2021 with an even bigger and stronger experience to come.

We hope to see you around to continue to get your climb on and stay tuned for more information about Push Climbing and Rocktober Festival 2021.

Words by: Ally Fleckenstein