Hangboards are the weapon of choice for climbers looking to boost strength from home but typically there’s a catch. Either you fork out big bucks for one, or you spend ages working out how to make one yourself, only to give up and go back to watching the telly we have the answer; Hanoi HanGboards






The Hanoi Hangboard is not the prettiest, slickest, or best hangboard in the world but our testers were reasonably impressed. They found it decent enough with finger holds that were deep enough to get a grip but not so deep that they didn’t work all the joints of the fingers. One of the three models comes with large red slopers which didn’t meet with unanimous approval but the standard board and its grips were felt to do their job. Infact one tester compared it to the Beastmaker 1000 (sorry; we don’t come up with the names) which is one of the best selling hangboards in the UK and a highly-rated piece of kit. The comparison flatters the Hanoi board because the Beastmaker is a much more professional product.
But the Hanoi fans won’t care, and with good reason. Unlike the Beastmaker the Hanoi Hangboards aren’t from Britain. They’re from Vietnam. The Beastmaker 1000 retails at £80 in the UK, $160 US. The Hanoi Hangboard we played with comes in at 1.35 Million VND. That’s about 60 USD. Plus you don’t have to import it or even order and wait to see what it’s like because you can check out a Hanoi Hangboard at Push.
Hanoi Hangboards can be made to measure for your own needs. They are strong but lightweight which could be useful if you move home a lot and while they’re a little limited in their mounting options we think you can ask for your own specs. Besides, they’re local, and at that price we can put up with a few imperfections.


Come check out the Hanoi Hangboards at Push.



It’s a board. You hang from it. It hails from Hanoi. Did we miss anything?