Push Climbing wants to share our second project with you.

PROJECT: Stainless Steel Custom Climbing Wall. 

WHERE:  California Fitness and Yoga, District 4, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 

WHEN: December 2011 – September 2015. 

WHO: Randy Dobson. Who currently is known for the LEEP APP with Micheal Wong.

DETAILS: 5 Top Rope Routes plus 2 Lead Routes.


Looking back in time to 2011, Mr. Wong and Mr. Dobson had a vision to create something that had never been done before and was unique to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the world. They came to Paul Massad with the clever concept to create a climbing wall that represented the imagery of a battleship. Most importantly, they wanted their clients of California Fitness to be able to see their reflection while they climbed.

Paul Massad explains, 

Micheal wanted a climbing wall that had the ability to mirror the climbers while they climbed the indoor wall. This reflected and supported the interior design of California Fitness. All of the climbing holds were white and grey representing barnacles, which showed off their modern approach for fitness.

Paul Massad.

Let’s take a look to see how Paul Massad and his team steered this innovative idea into reality. 



To support the unique concept of the reflective climbing wall, Paul Massad and his team decided to use stainless steel as the surface of the climbing wall.

The method to build the climbing wall was approached by visualizing the shell of an egg. Renato BaRr, the lead architect was able to conceptualize this vision. Where the internal structure was used to support the shape and the panels were made with wood, then they were pressure wrapped in stainless steel. This approach allowed a clean and reflective look that the client was after. While maintaining the climbing wall structure. The fact that it was made of stainless steel, meant that marks from climbers and climbing gear would not be shown.

Paul Massad.

The climbing wall remained in California Fitness and Yoga for nearly four years. The beautiful project offered some insight and opportunities for future projects. 


Paul Massad learned from this experience that while the stainless steel climbing wall is a beautiful feature and installation, the material is not ideal for a climbing wall. The stainless steel climbing wall ended up to be too slippery. There was not enough grip to allow proper climbing training. 

We achieved the objective set in mind, which was to create something impressive. However, the surface of the wall was too slick to gain any traction. This did not make it an ideal climbing surface. Yet, it was quite fascinating to see.

Paul Massad.

There is no doubt that Paul Massad’s dedication to his client’s vision was shown here. There is not a shape or material that Push is not willing to work with. It is all up to the client’s vision.


Is your climbing gym or fitness facility interested in creating a unique concept? 

Contact Paul Massad to see how to create your one of a kind structure or design. 

Words by: Ally Fleckenstein. 

Photos and designs by: Paul Massad

Translation by : Trang Bui