Theres nothing new about grabbing a Tiger beer while enjoying the waves and sea breeze of Vung Tau, but it’s not often that the Tiger is 17 metres tall. Or that you jump off it.

That is what’s in store this weekend (December 1-2, 2018) for Vung Tau visitors looking for thrills, spills, and Tiger beer thanks to Push Climbing and partners BoZo Ventures. Thousands of pieces of ring lock scaffolding have gone into making this amazing Tiger Beer wall and the obstacle course you can see in front of it.

Together they form a course for thrill-thirsty participants who have to dive through tunnels and race to climb the 17m Tiger wall before finishing off with a spectacular jump from the top.

The jump uses Push-installed Head Rush Technologies QUICKjump devices that give a heart stopping, sphincter-tightening five metre free fall drop before a soft and smooth descent back to earth. At which point you can safely say you’ve earned a (Tiger) beer. Although you might need a friend with a steady hand to help open it. The Tiger Beer Wall series of events started out a couple of years ago with the slogan “Awake the Courage” and Push has been installing half a dozen of them around the country.

Just as a friendly word of advice: make sure you don’t drink the beer before taking on the challenge. Friends don’t let friends drink and scaffold dive. Besides we’re the ones that have to clean it up.

Free of charge to participate! Beer optional

Time: 9am – 12pm, 3pm – 10pm

Location: Thùy Vân, Phường Thắng Tam, Thành phố Vũng Tầu, Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu

Words by Steve Shipside.