Onsight Friday has been bringing thrills and spills to the start of our weekends for a while now and with the ‘pot’ having rolled over from the first weeks we have our first winner as Ken Kainuma fought off stiff competition from his fellow Pushpeeps and was the first to lead climb the problem.


A keen climber, and familiar face on the Saigon climbing scene Ken attributes his sending skill to the tension and sense of accomplishment he gets from lead climbing .






“I love climbing. I’ve been climbing for 12 years now and while my business is here in Saigon, my goal is to climb around the world. Before I do that, I see it as my life’s work to increase the number of good climbers in Vietnam. There aren’t many places where you can climb in Saigon here.  Among them, Push Climbing is considered one of the best places because you can drink delicious beer after climbing! I love bouldering and lead climbing. The feeling of tension and the accomplishment of lead climbing is the best. I hope that we will see the number of lead climbers increase.  I would like to see all the climbers have the chance to climb together in a session. It would be great if many more Vietnamese could benefit from my climbing experience.”