MoonBoard is coming. Get ready.

Push is opening the first ever MoonBoard in Vietnam, with a bit of encouragement from the man himself, Ben Moon: “We are very pleased to welcome Push Climbing and the Saigon climbing community to the MoonBoard family, and we look forward to climbing your problems right here on the original MoonBoard in Sheffield.” So as we join the MoonBoard family we thought we’d show you just how easy it is to install the app (iOS or Android) and join the party.

First up you need to go to Apple Store or Google Play Store and search for MoonBoard.

As you can see it’s been downloaded over 50,000 times on Android alone. Which is a lot of keen climbers around the planet. Ben Moon himself tells us that there are about 70,000 regular users climbing with the MoonBoard so you’re in good company.

Once downloaded you need to create a profile on the platform. That’s pretty easy – although it’s worth reading the instructions before charging ahead. This particular reviewer isn’t the smartest of bears so spent some time wondering why his four letter username wouldn’t work (it has to be five letters). If you prefer to sign up on the website and then just log in on the app that works too and has more helpful prompts if anything isn’t going to plan.

Once you’ve signed up and you’re on the system there are only a couple of steps. The only thing that might seem confusing is being asked for the hold set up and here you can choose MoonBoard Masters 2017 – which also happens to be the hold set up being used for this year’s MoonBoard Masters Competition.

Then it asks you for the hold sets and you want to choose ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘Original’. For the angle of the board select 40 degrees – yep, that’s right, it’s a full 40 degrees of tilt you’ll be working on. You should have a screen that looks like the one on the left here. Click on the mini-MoonBoard icon on the left of the four at the bottom of the screen and you are presented with tens of thousands of problems to choose from, graded from 6A+ to 8B+.

Select one of these and you get the problem of your choice popping up. This one’s called Pogo Furry. You can see the green rings mark the starting footholds, the red ones ring the end handholds, and the blue rings show the only holds you can use in between. Finish that and you can add it to your logbook.

So what are you waiting for? Time to climb.

If in doubt the Push staff will be happy to help you with the app as half of us are glued to it anyway.

For more information on using the MoonBoard check out MoonBoard’s own videos;


If you require any more information on the Moonboard please follow the useful links below.