Push partners Decathlon are refreshing their line of climbing products in April.  We’ll keep you posted about all the new goodies but in the meantime note that there are some end of line specials to be had here at reduced prices.

All are available by Click and Collect so you select them on the Decathlon website, choose Push as your collection, and pay when you come to get them.  Click and Collect usually offers same or next day delivery and the beauty of collecting them at Push is that you can test out your new toys right away on our walls.  The end of line products include two models of climbing rucksack, a quickdraw, and the Vertika climbing slipper, reviewed here. Better get in there fast before our own instructors buy them all.

If you would like to find our more about our new routes or our team of setters be sure to check out the “On The Wall” section of our blog for more!