Kids Parties

Super Mario Quest

Let's hop on the time machine and together, we smash those 90s video games again! Super Mario:"back to the 90s" will bring your team to the most unique experience, being game characters and complete [...]

It’s an Alien!

It's An Alien is a colorful and creative climbing game for kids. The kid will have a chance to become an astronaut doing their mission, climb to the space to rescure human away from [...]

Zombie Quest

Welcome to the Z World. In Zombie Quest, you must explore the world and find a way to eliminate your enemies. Collect the items that are important for your survival kit and become the [...]

Save The Princess

A world of honor, strength, and valor has lost its peace to a misshapen beast. An army of darkness from The Moon is kidnapping away the most precious treasure of all - your beautiful [...]

Monkey Quest

Are you looking for an active adventure that enriches the spirit of your kids? Push's monkey quest is designed to take kids on a journey to the heights. By the end of the session [...]

Treasure Hunt

Hunting for treasure has never been so much fun. Push Climbing brings treasure hunting into the vertical as participants, guided by an instructor learn the basics while collecting golden coins on the climbing wall. The [...]


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