There aren’t many of us who can (honestly) claim to redpoint 9a but English climber Ben Moon can.  The MoonBoard came from his own gruelling training demands and has since become not only the top training tool in the sport but a community in its own right with MoonBoarders around the world setting each other puzzles.  Push is the first to bring the MoonBoard to Vietnam and the challenge is now on for Saigon to show the MoonBoard world just what we can do.





Ben Moon himself had a few words of welcome for us:


“The MoonBoard will soon be celebrating its 15th birthday. From its humble origins in Sheffield, UK, it has become one of the world’s most popular training boards with over 70,000 active users worldwide this year alone. Now fully interactive with the LED system and smartphone app, it’s never been easier for climbers around the world to connect and challenge each other with their own MoonBoard problems. We are very pleased to welcome Push Climbing and the Saigon climbing community to the MoonBoard family, and we look forward to climbing your problems right here on the original MoonBoard in Sheffield.”