Rock Climbing OPERATOR


  • Climbing level 6B+
  • 18 + years old
  • To be legally in the country
  • Physically Active
  • Vietnamese and English

Rock Climbing Operator

  • Part Time: 10.000.000 VND / month
  • Full Time: 14.000.000 VND / month
  • + Extra Payment on Push Projects
  • Wall maintenance
  • Wall Route-Setting
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Rental Equipment Check
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Wall repairs and modifications
  • Route-setting Workshops
  • Lead Belayer Duties
  • Auto-belay monthly check
  • Climbing Holds selection
  • Push representative for route-setting during climbing competitions and community events
  • Assistant in Push Climbing Projects for setting up climbing walls, rope-courses, quick jumps etc.
  • Supervision of Guest Routesetters
  • Teach how to maintain and check climbing equipment
  • Teach Basics of Route-setting for Trainees Lvl.2
Knowledge Requirements at the end of 2 months probation period:
  • Top Rope Belay Lvl.1 and Lvl.2
  • Lead Climbing
  • First Aid
  • Auto-belay Check Procedure
  • Route-setting
  • Familiar with basic construction tools and principles

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