Group & Event booking manager


  • Communication Skills
  • Event Management Experience
  • Know how to work with Google drive Suit
  • 18 + years old
  • To be legally in the country
  • Physically Active
  • Vietnamese and English

Group & Event Booking Manager

  • Part Time: 10.000.000 VND / month
  • Full Time: 14.000.000 VND / month
  • + Event Commission
  • Organize, supervise and book team-building activities, events and groups
  • To know all the prices, offers and programs of the facility
  • Customer Service: all aspects of account management from introduction to execution of the event.
  • “Cold” sales calls and meetings
  • Work closely with Location Manager to organize cross promotions online and offline
  • Work closely with Social Media Manager to release and execute promotions and special offers
  • Coordinate with Ground Crew to assign instructors for the activities
  • Bring new ideas, create events and group programs
  • Work with schools, companies to sign contracts for services
  • Work with charity event organizations and partners
  • Work closely with Course Coordinator to release new programs, courses and team-buildings
  • Supervise, maintain and purchase climbing game supplies.
  • Event supplies monthly inventory
  • Coordinate with 3rd parties involved in the organized events of the facility (food supplier, advertising companies, special effects and gaming supplies)
  • Prepare monthly report for the performance of the events, climbing programs and activities
Knowledge Requirements at the end of 2 months probation period:
  • Prices and Programs of the facility
  • NextCRM & GymMaster systems
  • Inventory Check
  • Web-site update for group activities
  • Invoicing system
  • Customer data base
  • To be able to conduct all group programs
  • Monthly Event Report

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