Photo by: Pete Walls


Saigon Rugby Club and Bonsai Dinner Cruise came together to raise money for The Christina Noble Children’s Fund on Saturday the 21st of November. The event was full of glamour, flare, and suits. The sold-out event raised over 200 million VND. 




The Saigon Sunset Cruise could not have been possible without the generous donations and sponsorship from fifty-plus businesses around the city. Donations ranged from VIP exclusive dinners such OX not only OX, to health and wellness gift certificates of L’Herbanste. Push Climbing was also a proud sponsor for this event. 


Guest could enjoy their glass of wine and finger foods while bidding for their favorite experience or items being auctioned. You could also purchase raffle tickets for only 50k to win more experiences, items, or dinner vouchers donated from the sponsors. The volunteers got into the spirit of fundraising by even competing with who could sell the most tickets.


Sponsors who participated in donating for CNCF Charity.
Photo by Uyen Tran.




Bonsai Cruise hosted the event on their exclusive and intimate dinner cruise placed in the heart of The Saigon River. The Bonsai Cruise was highly appreciated by Saigon Rugby Club and CNCF for their efforts to make the event smooth and delicious. Most of all, keeping the glasses of the patrons full. The presentation of the food was elegant, and the taste was perfect to pair with the wine served. The boat itself was sophisticated, comfortable, and spot-on for the number of guests attending the event. 


The boat hosted a couple of local bands, The Hoa Mai’s band, and a Cuban, Havana Band. The dance floor was sizable for the dance parties, and the rooftop was a hit for wanting fresh air and a new angle of Ho Chi Minh City.


Presented by, Bonsai Cruise.
Photo by: Uyen Tran


WHAT IS Christina Noble children’s fund? 


All of the proceeds from the event went towards the mission to support the health, emotional and educational needs of vulnerable children who are supported by the CNCF. Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is a highly well-known non-profit organization motivated towards breaking the poverty cycle in Vietnam, South East Asia, and around the globe.


“ We establish long-term relationships with the children. We support and empower them to live happy, emotionally rich and independent lives.”



Christina from Dublin, Ireland moved to Vietnam in the 1980s. She recognized the poverty conditions and then felt compelled to make a difference. The CNCF has impacted over 1,00,000 lives and 929,242 children through education, healthcare, and community development in Vietnam and Mongolia.  




Photo by Pete Walls. Participants of Charity Cruise.


The Saigon Rugby Club proudly represents a strong community and family dynamic. They understand the value of bringing sports to the youth. The SRC sees the worth of building togetherness through being a part of a team. They also understand the merit of maintaining health and fitness in their lives. 


Helena, the current CEO of CNCF sent her personal blessings of generosity. She thanked the Saigon Rugby Club for their support of this organization. Helena was unable to attend the event, but another representative from the organization Natalie Fairlie was. She was fueled by the energy of the event to share that,


One person can make a difference and through this event, everyone made a difference

Natalie Fairlie


Natalie also discusses how the sport is considered a luxury to some of the at-risk youth and that CNCF is dedicated to educating and allowing the participation of sport in their curriculum. 




Multiple times throughout the night, it was clear that these three put their full heart and souls into making this event happen. They all represented clearly their dedication to the organization and growing community in their city. 


The event was a fabulous turnout! Not only did we expect tickets to be sold out so quickly, but for 98% turnout! Just fantastic.”

Angela Hsu




Photo by: Uyen Tran. Ladies supporting Charity.


Thank you to all the guests who came out to support this event. The buzz and hype were evident that patrons came to booze and cruise while supporting a positive cause. People showed strong engagement by using this event to expand their circles and their community by supporting a cause that Rugby players, their friends, and their community support.


One guest shared, 


“Rugby is such a unique sport. It can be embraced as a fresh start for everyone and gives an outlet that the youth can also have. Rugby has been my favorite sport since I was 14 years old. I have connected with people for life. People connect from around the world and come together and you are a family. This event and charity are giving educators an opportunity to support the youth through sport.”

Jenna Wood.


Push Climbing is looking forward to supporting this event for years to come, and we thank The Saigon Rugby Club and CNCF for letting us be a part of this special event. 





Words By: Ally Fleckenstein


Photographs By: Uyen Tran and Pete Walls