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Vertical Max Team Building

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Vertical Max Team Building program

Invites your team to conquer the tallest buildings in the world by climbing their height on our 15 m wall. Boost the team spirit with this team challenge where everyone contributes to the score.
By the end of the game your team will have fun and learn basics of Rock Climbing with an instructor.Vertical Max focus on:
Goal setting, motivation, team work, timing, communication and fun.Price:
200.000 VND  per person (VAT is not included)Program includes:
  1. Climbing pass – 2 hours
  2. Climbing gear set
  3. Water
  4. Climbing Introduction Course
  5. Certificates of participation
  6. Team Certificate of Achievement
  7. Climbing Games and Activities:
  • Vertical Max Game – climb as much as possible during game time
  • Mountains in order – attach mountains according to their height on the wall


We provide climbing courses, equipment, and a variety of activities with endless benefits for everyone! We have 6 auto-belay devices and professional staff on hand to belay and ensure your fun and safety.


Tuesday-Sunday: 10am to 10pm; Monday: Closed
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