Chalk & Chalk BagsTokyo Powder Chalk | Astro Ball 65gr. / 135gr.

Tokyo Powder Chalk | Astro Ball 65gr. / 135gr.


The Tokyo Powder Astro Chalk ball is not an ordinary chalk ball. It looks like one but the way it is used and its effects are wildly different. It feels like a harder, more compact chalk ball and should be used in conjunction with ‘normal’ chalk. The fabric on the Astro Ball is the game changer, it is specially engineered to take humidity from the surrounding air and moisture to amplify the friction of your chalk.

Even if the air surrounding a crag is dry, rocks will still retain a certain amount of humidity which can contribute to less friction and the need to chalk up more mid-route. By getting a proper rub of the Astro Ball fabric before dipping into your favourite chalk, you are effectively coating your hands with a natural reagent that neutralises the moisture created by humidity. Your hands need direct contact with the Astro ball fabric to gain the full effects. After the first application, ordinary chalk can be applied on your hands to create a strong covering of added sticky friction.

The Astro Ball should not be mixed in with existing chalk in a bag, it should be stored either in a separate chalk bag or inside the packaging it comes in to retain its properties. If chalk does get on the surface of the Astro Ball, lightly brush it off.

The Lowdown
  • Increase friction on your hands by optimising the surface of your hands before chalking up with Tokyo Powder’s Astro Balls.
  • Comes in resealable zip lock bag
  • When contents run out, the ball socklet can be refilled with ordinary chalk


Tokyo Powder Chalk | Astro Ball 65gr. / 135gr.
Tokyo Powder Astro Ball Rock Climbing Chalk Foundation

– Net 65g / 135gr.

*Winter Is Coming – like friction in a ball.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Small / Big

65gr., 135gr.

Best Use For

All-around Climbing, Beginner Climber, Technical Climbing


Tokyo Powder


Kids, Men, Women


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