Mad Rock Drone HV Black

Mad Rock Drone HV Black

2.150.000 VND

Top performer shoe with high level of comfort glove fitting, due to the high performance stretchy materials and technical features.

  • Pointy toe box, downturned and twisted profile for power and precision.
  • Stretchy and breathable tongue for comfortable touch.
  • Large entrance for an easy take on and off.
  • Double closing velcro strap to put either more power on the back or on the middle section of the shoe.
  • Expandable and soft molded heel for a versatile fit and optimal smearing.
  • Arch Flex for support and a glove fitting.


The Drone takes you to a new level in high performance. The combination of a more pointed toe and the down-turned concave shape makes the shoe extra precise for ‘grabbing’ holds in technical moves on slightly steep to steep overhangs. The high performance stretchy materials gives the shoe a high level of comfort glove fitting. Because fit is everything!


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