Phụ Kiện leo núi, HANGBOARDHanoi Hangboard mini #3 | 2 pcs

Hanoi Hangboard mini #3 | 2 pcs




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Fingerboards or training boards

Hangboard training is one of the most time-efficient ways to build hand and finger (or “contact”) strength, especially if you can’t train at a climbing gym. Two or three 30-minute workouts per week can deliver excellent results. All you need is a hangboard—many models are available!

Hanoi Hangboard uses finger workouts to support outdoor climbing, bouldering and indoor climbing Compact product.

Hangboard Training:

Many of you will have probably seen those scary looking hangboards in the corner of your local climbing gym. All those strange holes and edges can be very intimidating. Especially if you’re watching someone bust out some one-finger pull-ups, single-finger air planks, or some other outrageous exercise.

Do not fear, hangboards are just as useful for us mortals as they are for the strongest of climbers. And many of the exercises are not as impossible as you may think.

Why Use a Hangboard?

Has finger strength always been your downfall in climbing?

Does overhangs and small holds terrify you?

Have you been stuck at a plateau since before you can remember?

There is no question that hangboarding is one of the best ways to increase grip strength and upper body power. If you aren’t a genetic triumph built for climbing, it is very likely necessary to reach your full climbing potential.

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Men, Women

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Beginner Climber, Technical Climbing, Traning


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