ANPEN Quickdraw Set (6pcs)

ANPEN Quickdraw Set (6pcs)

3,000,000 VND

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Lightweight, versatile quickdraw for rock climbing!

Introducing the ANPEN Express quickdraw, setting the standard for sport climbing and working routes! This lightweight, ergonomic, and versatile quickdraw is a must-have for climbers. The ANPEN Express Carabiners are thoughtfully designed to optimize your climbing experience, with the Keylock system preventing any snagging during clipping and unclipping. The ergonomic shape of the EXPRESS quickdraw sling ensures a comfortable and secure grip. With its excellent weight-to-performance ratio, you can confidently tackle various terrains, from single pitch to multi-pitch, alpine rock, and ice climbing.


In stock


Wire Gate Carabiners.

Size: 100mm*10mm, 100mm*12mm

Gate Opening: 24mm

Strenth of major axis: 26kN

Strenth of minor axis: 8kN

Strength of gate open: 8kN


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